How Often Should Baby Bottles Be Replaced?

by fairgame on October 17, 2011

milkbank baby bottlesBaby bottles are one of those things that are used less once the infant becomes a toddler and begins the transition to training cups, but most parents store these bottles – especially parents that have plans for multiple children.

Learning when to replace the bottles is the first step for parents while planning for a second, third or fourth child.

Storing bottles can be harmful to the child, especially if the bottles being stored were created before the awareness rose of BPA in the plastics that were used to create these bottles. Additionally, bottles that have been washed excessively are more likely to leech this toxic chemical into the milk, water and juice being given to the infant.

As a general rule, glass bottles can be kept longer than plastic bottles. Glass bottles can be washed in the dishwasher, traditionally washed in the sink and even used for multiple children. Plastic bottles degrade quicker, especially when exposed to the high temperatures of the dishwasher.

How often should you replace baby bottles? Baby bottles should be replaced once the quality of the bottle begins to degrade. In plastic bottles, the plastic can often be used for as much as eighteen months, throughout the traditional time that infants will use the bottles. For glass bottles, they can be used up to four times as long, ensuring that there are no cracks or splices in the bottle and that the plastic components of the bottle, including the top ring and nipples have been replaced.

To increase the usage for the baby bottles, parents might want to consider avoiding using the dishwasher to clean the bottles. Using a bottle brush, the parents can easily clean the bottles without relying on the dishwasher. Rinsing the bottles once they are used, it can help to reduce the build-up and residue from milk and make them easier to clean.

Contacting the manufacturer of the baby bottles or even speaking with staff at the store where they are being purchase from can be a great way for parents to determine the length of time before the bottles must be replaced, and also get tips for the care of the best baby bottles.

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