Baby Bottle Cleaner

by fairgame on January 18, 2010

When it comes to baby bottle cleaning and baby bottle sterilization, you want only the safest products on the market to ensure that chemicals in detergents and tap water do not adversely affect your baby’s health. Owning a good baby bottle cleaner or baby bottle sterilizer can help protect your baby from unwanted germs and bacteria, as well as harsh chemicals such as chlorine that exist in our dishwashers and tap water.

baby bottle brushFor parents who choose to breastfeed or use disposable baby bottle liners, baby bottle cleaners are not necessary. However, for those who are unable to breastfeed and simply prefer to use regular bottles for cost-effective purposes, baby bottle cleaners and baby bottle sterilizers can be invaluable.

There are a variety of baby bottle cleaners on the market today, that range from simple, flexible bottle brushes and nipple cleaners to two in one nipple and baby bottle cleaners to less toxic baby bottle wash and even an electric baby bottle sterilizer. For parents who choose to hand wash baby bottles, knowing the right steps for baby bottle cleaning is important. Baby bottles should be washed in hot water and with a mild, antibacterial dish soap to help protect from those invasive bugs. For parents who may be concerned about using dish soap, there is also a more environmentally friendly baby bottle wash that is less toxic in nature and made specifically for baby bottle cleaning.

microwave baby bottle sterilizerBecause a child’s immune system is not fully developed at this age, taking extra precautions to eliminate germs and bacteria from things that your baby comes into contact with regularly can be crucial to their health. While boiling baby bottles in water is not necessary and even not recommended in some cases, hot water from the tap that is treated with a faucet mounted water purifier can be sufficient. In addition, baby bottles should be cleaned with a baby bottle cleaner brush, and baby bottle nipples should be cleaned with a nipple cleaner brush. There are some varieties of baby bottle cleaner brushes that are both flexible and offer a two in one head that is capable of cleaning both the bottles and the nipples.

In addition to the simpler baby bottle cleaner tools available for hand washing baby bottles, there are also a variety of newer products for sterilizing baby bottles. Microwave baby bottle sterilizers can provide an affordable and time saving method for protecting your baby from germs. While the newer, electric models of baby bottle sterilizers can be a bit pricy, they can sterilize a number of bottles at a time, provide a convenient rack for storing baby bottles that allows ease of access to bottles when you need them most, and give parents a great deal of peace of mind when it comes to ensuring that their baby is safe from unwanted bacteria or chemicals.

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